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10 – 12 March 2023

Welcome to semester 1 2023! To start the year off right, Snowriders are dreaming of beautiful beaches, epic sights and great vibes in a way that only our melted-snow Noosa trip can provide!

We’ll be making wild memories in March with mates, waves and drinks the whole time.

Join QUT Snowriders for our summer trip – an amazing weekend and see how you’ll shape up with us when it comes to the slopes! Get stuck in, see what we are about, the good times in Noosa will be a small peak at the good times we will have in NZ!

What’s So Great About the Snowriders at Noosa?

Friday 10th March 2023

Depart QUT 12:00pm

Arrive early at QUT Gardens Point no later than 11:45am for a 12:00pm departure. This is when the party will begin!

Friday 10th March 2023
Friday 10th March 2023

Check In 2:00pm

Once we’ve checked in there’s a free drink waiting for us before we explore, chill or do our own thing until dinner. 

Friday 10th March 2023
Friday 10th March 2023

Dinner 6:00pm

Once the sun sets we’ll be welcomed by a DJ and KB’s famous Frothy Fridays Burger, Bev & Chips all included in our package

Friday 10th March 2023
Saturday 11th March 2023

Beaches and Relaxation 9:00am – 3:00pm

On Saturday we’ll be putting together a number of activities for small groups to offer as many options as possible but also allow everyone to do their own thing and relax as they wish. Some of the activities you can do are surf hire, stand up paddle boarding, a visit to Noosa’s fairy pools, beach volleyball and more!

Saturday 11th March 2023
Saturday 11th March 2023

Dinner & Theme Night 6:00pm

Once again, our friends at Nomads Noosa will be putting together dinner for us followed by a sweet theme night and DJ to suite with more amazing bar deals.

Saturday 11th March 2023
Sunday 12th March 2023

Checkout and Departure 10:00am

All good weekends must come to an end, from mid-day to early arvo we’ll be packing our bags and checking out before being picked up by another bus transfer (12pm) and being delivered back to the wonderful (not as great as Noosa) Gardens Point campus. (2pm)

Sunday 12th March 2023

A weekend Getaway at Noosa with your favourite uni club doesn’t get much better than this. From beaches, beautiful national parks, surfing, fairy pools, sunsets and bars, we’re planning to take on it all.

Our package includes:

  • Bus transfer for pick-up and drop-off at QUT Gardens Point
  • Two nights’ accommodation at Nomads Noosa
  • Dinner included on both nights (one of which is a BBQ)
  • Free coffee all weekend
  • Plenty of night-time events (pool party, theme nights, beer pong etc.)
  • DJ’s, 1 welcome drink & drink deals that will make this weekend one to remember (or not remember)


Nomads Noosa

We’ll be staying at Nomads Noosa Hostel in the heart of Noosa junction where these guys are actually a sister group to the infamous Base hostel we stay at in New Zealand, and they’re decked out with not only their own bar but pool and beach volleyball court as well! They’re pretty much our second family.

Hotel Facilities Include:


  • Shared kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Onsite parking



  • Nightclub/DJ
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shared lounge/TV area
  • Volleyball court



  • Bar
  • Café



  • Airconditioning/heating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Guides & activity info

Refund & COVID cancellation policy

Buyers should be aware that the initial deposit of $749 for this trip is a non-refundable deposit (besides as indicated below), any payments a customer has made after this is fully refundable upon request of cancellation and incurs no cancellation fee. In this event please contact the QUT Snowriders through our email or Facebook page as we can and have in the past, offered other solutions to club trippers.

In the event of a trip cancellation due to COVID-19 restrictions, all receipt holders will be given a full refund including the otherwise non-refundable deposit. COVID-19 restrictions include the trip’s own travel restrictions, Brisbane lockdown, Japan lockdown and the condition of quarantine that affects further travel plans. This does not include personal quarantine due to prior travel/restrictions, travel restriction outside of Brisbane/Japan, self-isolation due to Covid-illness or Covid testing; such personal circumstances that do not affect the viability of the trip are not covered by our Covid refund guarantee.

QUT Snowriders Code of Conduct 2023 


This document outlines the code of conduct for the 2023 QUT Snowriders. It outlines the expectations of the  participants of the trip. It also outlines the forms of dispute resolution and the consequences of disregarding the  information in this document. This document also amends the cancellation policy in the event of trip-wide cancellation due to Covid-19 related reasons to better reflect the value the club is providing to members.

Snowriders is a club that has always strongly aligned itself with social activities as well as potentially dangerous sports. This document aims to outline some of the actions that will not be accepted by trip attendees and consequences for  breaching these rules. 


This document is applicable to every trip attendee, including executives. 


The following are some of the actions that are deemed inappropriate on the trip. This is not a comprehensive list,  and any actions deemed “anti-social” by the executives will be dealt with severely. 


All trip participants are required at all times to abide by any law applicable. No tolerance will be given for those who  break laws. Those found to be in breach of any law will be immediately reported to the authorities and will be  immediately removed from the trip. 

Drugs/illegal Materials: 

The trip has an absolutely ZERO tolerance policy for drugs or illegal materials. Any trip attendee found in the  possession of illegal materials will be reported to the relevant authorities and will be immediately removed from the  trip. Any suspected activity in this form will be dealt with severely.  

Anti-Social Behaviours: 

Any anti-social behaviours including but not limited to, Hazing, sexual assault, unwanted sexual advances or statements, aggression and bullying is not tolerated. Action deemed by the executives to be against the spirit of the club will be dealt with severely and if required law enforcement will be contacted.  


Any damages that a trip participant causes, through their actions are not the responsibility of the club or executives.  Attendees will be required to cover the cost of any damages, and/or any other measures required to repair  damages.  


The club and executives accept no responsibility for the actions of the suppliers of the services within the trip. All  participants are required to abide by all rules of the suppliers (including, but not limited to, accommodation and  travel), and the club takes no responsibility for any persons’ actions in regards to these organisations. 


The consequences resulting from actions that are not aligned with the articles of this code of conduct are severe.  The acting executives on the trip will decide the consequences, which will be made at the earliest possible time after  the incident has occurred. 

The consequences include, but are not limited to; 

– Immediate removal from the trip 

– Exclusion from group activities 

– Other disciplinary actions, as determined by the executives 

If any disciplinary action is taken, NO REFUNDS will be given in any circumstance.  

Snow sports: 

By your inclusion in this trip (and the agreement of this code of conduct) you also accept any and all responsibility for yourself, your equipment and your actions. The club, its executives, and any other party accept no responsibility for  any damages (personal or otherwise) that may occur on this trip. The purchase of this ticket also means that you are aware that snow sports can be dangerous if proper care & caution is not practised, and the club accepts no responsibility for any incidents or injuries.  

By signing this document, you accept that the club, and its executives, accepts no responsibility for you or your  property for the duration of the trip. No tolerance will be given for anti-social behaviour. This document does not  outline ALL punishable actions on the trip, and that all questionable (deemed by executives) acts on the trip will be at the discretion of the executives. The executives will not be held liable for any actions or negligence on the trip.  


Helmets are mandatory for all trip participants, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

First Timers: 

If a participant is learning a snow sport for the first time they must take lessons for a minimum of 1 full day, this  applies for both snowboarding and skiing. Participants are highly recommended to do more lessons to help them  progress quicker.  

Helmets are mandatory and wrist guards are compulsory for first time snowboarders. 

Beginners, Intermediate and Above: 

All participants must wear a helmet at all times and regardless of skiing ability, wrist guards are recommended. Beginners and all levels are highly recommended to take lessons to safely progress their skills to the next level.  

The club and executives accept no responsibility for the consequences of participants who refused the  recommended measures.