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Terms and Conditions of Japan 2025

These Terms & Conditions govern your purchase of tickets and attendance at the 2025 QUT Snowriders Japan (the “Trip”). It is your responsibility to review these Terms & Conditions before the purchase of Your ticket. By purchasing a ticket for this Trip, You confirm that You understand, accept, and agree to all Terms & Conditions listed here.

This document outlines the expectations of participants, forms of dispute resolution, and consequences of disregarding the information in this document.


This document is applicable to every trip attendee, including executives. All attendees must:

–        Be a current member of QUT Snowriders before the initial deposit payment is made.

–        Be aged between 18 to 30 years of age by the start date of the Trip (25/01/2025). Please contact QUT Snowriders before purchasing a ticket if you fall outside of this age range.

–        Have attended at least 1 society event before the Trip commences. This will be enforced at the discretion of the T4 executives. The purpose of this term is to encourage trip participants to become familiar with the executive team and other trip participants.


Buyers should be aware that the initial deposit of $749 for this trip is non-refundable. Any payment made beyond the initial deposit amount is refundable based on finding a suitable replacement Trip participant. The buyer should contact the club through email or Facebook to start this refund process, where the club will find a replacement tripgoer. Once the replacement has paid the full fare, you will receive a refund equal to the amount paid by you, minus an administrative fee incurred for changing names on trip itineraries. If a replacement trip participant is not found, none of the fare paid is refundable. Less than four weeks’ notice of wanting a refund will result in no refund.

COVID Policy

In the event of a trip cancellation due to COVID-19 restrictions, all receipt holders will be given a full refund including the otherwise non-refundable deposit. COVID-19 restrictions include the trip’s own travel restrictions, Brisbane lockdown, Japan lockdown and the condition of quarantine that affects further travel plans. This does not include personal quarantine due to prior travel/restrictions, travel restrictions outside of Brisbane/Japan, self-isolation due to Covid-illness or Covid testing; such personal circumstances that do not affect the viability of the trip are not covered by our Covid refund guarantee.


You acknowledge that You are fit to and it is Your choice to participate in the Trip. You understand and assume any and all risks associated with Trip activities (including Snow sports) which may lead to loss, injury, disability or even death.

These risks include but are not limited to slips, trips, falls, fractured bones, fractured skull, head or brain injuries, spinal injuries, permanent paralysis including paraplegia, quadriplegia, open wounds, changes in weather conditions, allergic reactions, sickness, extreme weather events, travel by vehicle (road conditions, failures), psychosocial interactions, equipment and facilities, variations of terrain, marked and unmarked obstacles, physical exertion, wildlife, and any other event outside QUT Snowriders’ control.

By signing that You agree to these Terms & Conditions, You agree to release, defend, and indemnify QUT Snowriders from any and all liability incurred of any kind whatsoever in any way arising out of Your participation in the Trip.


Travel insurance included in the ticket price is issued once the Trip fare has been paid in full. It is Your responsibility to review the coverage provided and assess if it is the appropriate level of coverage suitable to Your personal circumstances. If You do not elect to arrange additional insurance for Your circumstances, You do so at Your own risk.

Trip Expectations

This Trip is offered by QUT Snowriders, a student-run social club at QUT; however, QUT Snowriders has engaged third-party service providers to deliver the Trip. You understand that QUT Snowriders does not own, operate or control any of these service providers, accepts no liability for the provision of such services, and makes no warranty as to their quality and standard.

You acknowledge that the Trip is subject to a range of circumstances and conditions that may not meet Your expectations and that QUT Snowriders has no reasonable control over. Accordingly, QUT Snowriders is under no obligation to refund any part of the costs paid by You if You are not satisfied with any aspect of the Trip irrespective of the reason, or offer compensation.


Payments made after the initial deposit are to be made through the QUT Snowriders website or direct debit to the QUT Snowriders bank account. By signing this document you agree to receive email reminders for these upcoming payments. You agree to pay the next instalments of the Trip on time in accordance with the payment plan (see booking page). Failure to pay on the communicated date will result in the cancellation of Your ticket to participate in the Trip and forfeiture of any money already paid.

Contact the QUT Snowriders Executive by email or Facebook if there is an issue with Your ability to pay the instalments, a solution may be devised before the instalment date. 

Photography Release

By agreeing to this Terms & Conditions document, Trip participants grant QUT Snowriders and its representatives the irrevocable right to use photos or videos taken during the Trip for promotional purposes, including website content, social media, print, and other formats. This includes content uploaded to OneDrive, where participants acknowledge that QUT Snowriders may use these files for promotional purposes without compensation or notice. Participants retain ownership but grant QUT Snowriders a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, and distribute the media for promotional purposes.

QUT Snowriders Code of Conduct 2025 Brief: 

This section of the document outlines the code of conduct for the 2025 QUT Snowriders. It outlines the expectations of the Trip participants. Snowriders is a club that has always strongly aligned itself with social activities as well as potentially dangerous sports. This document aims to outline some of the actions that will not be accepted by trip attendees and the consequences for breaching these rules. 

At all times during the Trip (Including travel to and from Japan) You will comply with this code of Behaviour.


You will exercise good judgement and act in a safe and responsible manner while attending the Trip and participating in Trip activities:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others (including fellow QUT Snowriders members, service providers and members of the public);
  2. Not do anything likely to intimidate, offend, insult or humiliate another person involved in the Trip based on their sex, disability, race, colour, age, religion, national or ethnic origin.
  3. Not partaking in actions that put Yourself and other Trip participants at risk of physical or mental harm.



All trip participants are required at all times to abide by any law applicable, including both Australian and Japanese law. No tolerance will be given to those who break the law. Those found to be in breach of any law will be immediately reported to the authorities and will be immediately removed from the trip. 

Drugs/illegal Materials: 

The trip has an absolutely ZERO tolerance policy for drugs or illegal materials. Any trip attendee found in the possession of illegal materials will be reported to the relevant authorities and will be immediately removed from the trip. Any suspected activity in this form will be dealt with severely.  

Anti-Social Behaviours: 

Any anti-social behaviours including but not limited to, Hazing, sexual assault, unwanted sexual advances or statements, aggression and bullying is not tolerated. Action deemed by the executives to be against the spirit of the club will be dealt with severely and if required law enforcement will be contacted.  

Risk-Taking Behaviours

Risk-taking behaviours include but are not limited to, peer-pressuring behaviour,  inappropriate/excessive drinking, failure to stay clear of danger hotspots or activities, and breaking rules. Risk-taking behaviours are not tolerated. Risk-taking behaviour that puts the individual in unnecessary danger as determined by the executive team will be dealt with by the executives on the trip. Failure to abide by this code after warning will result in law enforcement being contacted and your immediate removal from the trip.


Any damages that a trip participant causes, through their actions are not the responsibility of the club or executives.  Attendees will be required to cover the cost of any damages, and/or any other measures required to repair damages.  


The club and executives accept no responsibility for the actions of the suppliers of the services within the trip. All participants are required to abide by all rules of the suppliers (including, but not limited to, accommodation and travel), and the club takes no responsibility for any persons’ actions in regard to these organisations. 


The consequences resulting from actions that are not aligned with the articles of this code of conduct are severe. QUT Snowriders Executive reserves the right to remove You from the Trip at any time, should you breach the Code of Conduct, or where such action is determined by the QUT Snowriders Executive to be in the best interests of the health, safety, and general welfare of others.

The acting executives on the trip will decide the consequences, which will be made at the earliest possible time after the incident has occurred. The consequences include, but are not limited to; 

– Immediate removal from the trip 

– Exclusion from group activities 

– Other disciplinary actions, as determined by the executives 

If any disciplinary action is taken, NO REFUNDS will be given in any circumstance.  

QUT Snowriders may, in its sole discretion, take further action to suspend You from attending future events, and/or terminate Your QUT Snowriders membership.

Snow sports: 

By your inclusion in this trip (and the agreement of this code of conduct) you also accept any and all responsibility for yourself, your equipment and your actions. The club, its executives, and any other party accept no responsibility for any damages (personal or otherwise) that may occur on this trip. The purchase of this ticket also means that you are aware that snow sports can be dangerous if proper care & caution is not practised, and the club accepts no responsibility for any incidents or injuries.  

By signing this document, you accept that the club, and its executives, accepts no responsibility for you or your property for the duration of the trip. No tolerance will be given for anti-social behaviour. This document does not outline ALL punishable actions on the trip, and that all questionable (deemed by executives) acts on the trip will be at the discretion of the executives. The executives will not be held liable for any actions or negligence on the trip.  


Helmets are mandatory for all trip participants, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

It is expected of Trip participants to make safe choices. Medical conditions/allergies:

Participants with medical conditions or allergies are expected to self-manage Your condition and make safe choices in consideration of Your condition.

First Timers: 

If a participant is learning a snow sport for the first time they must take lessons for a minimum of 1 full day, this applies to both snowboarding and skiing. Participants are highly recommended to do more lessons to help them progress quickly. Helmets are mandatory and wrist guards are compulsory for first-time snowboarders. 

Beginners, Intermediate and Above: 

All participants must wear a helmet at all times and regardless of skiing ability, wrist guards are recommended. Beginners and all levels are highly recommended to take lessons to progress their skills to the next level safely. The club and executives accept no responsibility for the consequences of participants who refused the recommended measures.

Liability waiver 



This is a legal document and if you are unsure of its purpose or consequences or do not understand it you should seek independent legal advice or assistance before signing it. I, the undersigned, as a participant in the Trip, acknowledge and agree that: 


  1. In this agreement: QUT Snowriders means QUT Snowriders Executives mean any executive members of QUT Snowriders as organisers of the tript. Trip means QUT Snowriders 2025 Japan Trip. 


Acknowledgement of Risks: 

  1. I acknowledge and agree that I understand the nature of the Trip; there are certain inherent risks and dangers associated with the Trip and I knowingly and voluntarily, accept and assume responsibility for each of these risks and dangers, and all other risks and dangers that could arise during my participation in the Trip.
  2. I have read and understood the Risk Warning above and am aware of the risks and hazards associated with my participation in the Trip. These risks include any manner of injury or illness, including but not limited to fractured bones, fractured skull, head or brain injuries, spinal injuries, permanent paralysis including paraplegia, quadriplegia, open wounds or even death, as well as other physical or mental injury or suffering.
  3. I am freely and voluntarily assuming any and all dangers, risks and hazards associated with my participation in the Trip and further acknowledge that I agree to do so entirely at my own risk.
  4. I agree and accept that my competing in the Trip involves my participation in: 5.1 a sporting activity; and 5.2 an activity that involves a significant degree of physical exertion and physical risk and which I am undertaking for the purpose of recreation and enjoyment. 


Permission to Use Likeness/Name 

  1. The undersigned further agree to allow, their likeness and/or name to appear, and to otherwise be used, in material, regardless of media form, for the purposes of promoting QUT Snowriders without compensation. 

Unforeseen costs 

  1. The participants are responsible for payment for all costs incurred on the trip which are not expressly stated as being included in the cost of the trip on the physical documentation provided to participants by the society executive team. 

Participants Health, Fitness and Physical Abilities 

  1. QUT Snowriders and its executives has not made, nor will make any formal assessment of my level of health, fitness or personal abilities to participate in the Trip. I am solely responsible for ensuring that I have an appropriate level of health, fitness and/or physical skills to undertake the Trip.
  2. Participants are required to inform the executives of any illness, injury or predispositions that produce a foreseeable risk to the participants on the trip.
  3. I am aware that QUT Snowriders and its executives strongly recommends that any participant who has any medical condition or impairment which may affect the participant’s capacity to safely participate in the Trip refrain from participating in the Trip.
  4. In the event that I am in difficulty during the Trip, I will stop my involvement in the Trip, and seek alternative help and/or assistance and advice.
  5. QUT Snowriders executives do not employ medical personnel. Any necessary medical attention will be provided by a local facility at your expense. QUT Snowriders is not responsible or liable for any losses or costs incurred as a result of medical services obtained while on the trip, or for the quality of the care or services received. 


Waiver of Claim 

  1. I will not hold QUT Snowriders and its executives liable for any loss (including financial loss), damage, personal injury (including physical and mental injury or incapacity), death or property damage, however, caused, arising from my participation in the Trip.



  1. To the extent permitted by law, I hereby release and indemnify QUT Snowriders and its executives from any and all liability, costs (including, without limitation, legal costs), claims, damages, demands, and actions arising out of any incident that is in any way connected with my participation in the Trip, including any such claim, damage, demand or action that may be brought by me, except such incidents caused by the unlawful acts of QUT Snowriders and its executives. 



  1. I understand by signing this agreement I will be forever precluded from suing or otherwise claiming against QUT Snowriders and its executives for any loss, damage, personal injury (including physical and mental injury or incapacity), death or property damage that I may sustain through my participation in the Trip. 


Entire Agreement and Severability 

  1. In entering into this agreement, I am not relying upon any oral or written representations or statements made by QUT Snowriders and its executives about the risks associated with my participation in the Trip other than what is set forth in this agreement.
  2. If any provisions of this agreement are held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement will not be affected, and it will in other respects continue to be effective and enforceable. If such invalidity or unenforceability is subsequently released or changed so it is no longer in conflict with the law, the provision will return to full force and effect.